It’s currently 1:48AM. I have to wake up at 4:30AM, travel for an hour and a half and be at school by 7AM.

Quiz tomorrow on Ecology, Zoology Lab Exam and Zoology Lec Quiz on Wednesday, Ecology Lab Exam on thursday, Chemistry Lec Quiz and Chemistry Lab Exam on Friday.

What I like best in my course. Endless things to draw.

God’s Not Dead

I fucking hate this feeling

I know this is not science related or something but I guess love and such is still science right?
Alright, I have this friend. He’s a guy. At first we’re not really that close but I don’t know, for some reason, he managed to make our friendship evolve into being bestfriends as he calls it.
He has a girlfriend. And the thing is, I’m one of the persons he would talk to whenever he has problems including his dilemmas about her.
I would always put it in my mind that I would not fall for him and that no matter what he does, it’s just a friendly gesture. Then our school had a little field trip and he chose me as his seatmate in the bus.
It was really different! He kept on putting his arm around my shoulders and would usually pull me closer to him. I don’t even know why I fucking held his hand when he got sick during the trip. Then on our journey to the hotel, he kept on placing his hand on my knee. I have no idea what that means but based on the novels I’ve read, it’s sort of like a possession thing saying to others “she’s mine”.
I don’t know what I would do with this feeling. Maybe I’m the only one feeling this way and not him. Then I would feel that pang inside of me when he kept on texting her but his attention is to me.
This sucks.
Oh yeah, I am a girl.

Ever wonder?

What the feeling is during the few minutes you have before you die?

What you will feel a few seconds before you will crash into an over speeding car?

What it would be like when you die?

What will you see after death?

And what will happen to us after we finally close our eyes and we can’t open them again anymore?


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This epic moment when your phone failed to coordinate and did not capture the specimen you are viewing.

I’m quiz free tomorrow!

Earlier during lab.